10 Activities To Avoid Or Minimize

Last year I attended a conference entitled: Move Well- Innate Physical Fitness & Spinal Hygiene…there were so many good takeaways. One concept that really stuck with me was the fact that our new “normal” is to be unhealthy and unfit whereas just a few decades ago it was the norm to be fit and healthy.

10 Activities to Avoid or Minimize:

  1. Sitting
  2. Standing with weight on one foot
  3. Reading on your back with head in a flexed position (See a back doctor if you’re experiencing pain)
  4. One-sided sports (creates imbalances — always practice with both hands)
  5. Carrying bags on one shoulder
  6. Sleeping on your stomach
  7. Cradling phone between shoulder and ear
  8. Watching tv (no justification possible)
  9. Repetitive activities with arms in front or overhead
  10. Poor posture during any activity

Tomorrow we will discuss 10 Good Choices to Make…stay tuned.


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