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PRP for Promoting Hair Growth

The sudden realization that you’re losing your hair is something that all men and women dread. At Cherry Street Health, we understand the embarrassment that accompanies going bald, which is why we offer the latest hair restoration treatment to help our patients overcome their hair-loss issues. Our skilled experts have already helped countless men and women, and if you’re suffering from hair loss, our platelet-rich plasma therapy might hold the key to giving you back a healthy, natural, full head of hair.

Unlike most other hair-loss treatments, platelet-rich plasma therapy is non-surgical and can produce dramatic results simply by stimulating the hair follicles using nutrients found within your own body. In this way, you can avoid the pain and possible complications of hair transplants and instead achieve improved hair growth potential in a safe, effective, all-natural way.

What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy utilizes your own blood plasma to promote improved hair health and greater growth potential. The procedure begins by having a small amount of blood drawn, which is then put in a centrifuge to separate out the enriched platelets. This platelet-rich plasma, which is packed full of important growth proteins and nutrients, is then injected into the scalp using an extremely thin micro needle. Multiple injections are made across the thinning or balding area of the scalp in order to fully stimulate all of the dormant hair follicles. In most cases, the entire procedure takes around one hour and should begin to produce noticeable results within a few weeks.

Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

The fact that this therapy is all-natural and autologous, i.e. uses cells obtained from your own body, means that it is generally 100 percent safe and without side effects. As an alternative hair restoration treatment, this therapy provides many benefits that make it a much better option than surgical hair-loss treatments.

The injections are mostly painless, and a topical anesthetic is applied to the scalp to numb it prior to the procedure. The fact that the injections are made using a micro needle also means that patients tend to suffer from little, if any, swelling, inflammation or other trauma. The injection sites might be slightly sore for a few days, but this pain is usually minimal and should go away quickly. In fact, most patients will be fully recovered within a week at the absolute most.

Compared to using hair-growth creams, pills and other medications, platelet-rich plasma therapy has been shown to be far more effective at stimulating dormant hair follicles. The nutrients contained in your blood platelets essentially stimulate the follicles back into life, which means you should quickly start to see increased hair growth in those areas that were previously bald or thinning.

Is PRP for You?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy has successfully helped thousands of men and women to finally get relief from their thinning hair issues. However, it is important to note that you might need to undergo multiple treatment sessions in order to achieve your desired results depending on how thin your hair is. For people whose hair is just starting to thin, this plasma treatment is often enough to provide good results. Nonetheless, the treatment can also be combined with other hair restoration treatments to provide even more immediate and more noticeable results.

Although the majority of people are good candidates for platelet-rich plasma therapy, it is still important to consult with your doctor to determine whether it’s right for you. If you are sick of having to look at your bald or thinning hair in the mirror every morning, why not give us a call to see how our hair-restoration experts can help.

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