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Neck pain is a condition that can range from mild to severely life-altering. Our necks endure daily wear and tear which can cause cumulative degeneration to nerves and connective tissue. Injuries, such as falls or car crashes, can cause sudden trauma that results in chronic pain.

Common Neck Area Injuries

Oftentimes, the most painful neck conditions happen because of a specific injury. Cherry Health Group is experienced in treating the neck and surrounding areas of intricate anatomy. If one is experiencing cervical pain (neck pain), it is either caused by an injury, accident, disease or simply age. Since the spine has so much freedom in mobility and is capable of supporting a 15-pound head, we are more susceptible to neck pain and injury.

Cervical Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) is one of the most common diseases that can affect the spine directly in the facet joints, which are the joints that allow the spine to bend and twist. DJD is also referred to as osteoarthritis and usually occurs during old age when the body is wearing down. The facet joints are lined with a thin layer of cartilage and thick lubricating fluid, allowing the vertebrae to glide against one another. When DJD affects the spine, that cartilage breaks down, causing the vertebrae to rub up against each other, resulting in inflammation and muscle spasms. The joints that are directly affected with DJD are in the hands, lower back, knees, hips, shoulder, and neck.

Sometimes neck injuries manifest in varying ways. The neck and shoulder region are crucial to function and mobility, so you may also notice other symptoms such as:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Numbness or tingling in arms, hands, legs or toes
  • Back pain
  • Difficulty standing over long periods of time
  • Weakness or dizziness
  • Loss of range of motion

Trauma from an injury is not the only cause of neck problems. Other common culprits for discomfort can include:

  • Repetitive stress
  • Poor posture
  • Anatomical abnormalities
  • Aging
  • Connective tissue or autoimmune disorders

A large number of people find that common pharmaceuticals don’t help to relieve their neck pain. At Cherry Street Health Group, we offer regenerative therapies that may provide an effective alternative to risky surgeries.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy – PRP therapy consists of injections containing human plasma. In PRP, plasma is concentrated to provide a high number of blood clotting cells, called platelets. Platelets are thought to enhance natural growth factors to speed the healing of connective tissues.

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy – Stem cells are able to transform into any specialized cell the body requires. These naturally-occurring cells decrease as we age or experience injuries. Injections of amniotic stem cells into damaged tissue stimulates healing and tissue regeneration.

Instead of choosing medications or invasive surgery, first speak with the medical professionals at Cherry Street Health Group. We can provide the cutting-edge therapies you need to heal yourself, preserving the integrity of your body’s natural functions.

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